Atlas Copco changes the game with new portable compressor range

August 14, 2016

Atlas Copco has launched the 8 Series - a robust but lightweight range of ten portable air compressors, all of which can be towed behind a normal passenger car without a special driving license. Reliability, efficiency and higher utilisation levels, coupled with superior performance, maximise the return on investment the range offers to both rental and construction partners.

8 series portable compressors

The new 8 Series compressor range from Atlas Copco is the result of over a decade of continuous development. The lightweight and compact design means that even the largest compressor, that produces 5m3/min of air, falls below 750kg even with a full fuel tank, aftercooler and generator. However, the inclusion of a new and updated HardHat® canopy ensures the 8 Series models are tough enough for the harshest conditions.

During the development phase, particular attention was given to improving efficiency. On average the 8 Series range uses 12% less fuel than comparable products, a 15% decrease in environmental footprint.

Incorporating reliable Kubota engines, the compressors feature an anti-airlock system for guaranteed starting. Service is made simple as all parts are easily accessible and the filtration uses a simple spin on system. Remarkably, the 8 Series only requires an hour’s total service time over two years of operation

“ Throughout the design and engineering process, we have focused on advances that provide tangible benefits to our customers, without compromising a single aspect of design or performance. As a result, the 8 Series is versatile, efficient and a valuable ally in maximising uptime on site. ”

Ben Van Hove , Vice-President, Marketing Atlas Copco Portable Energy division

The legendary HardHat® polyethylene canopy, has also been updated to the toughest design to provide users with robustness and durability even in the harshest conditions. The 8 Series compressors range from a XAS 38 Kd, air delivery of 2m3/min to XAS 88 Kd with an air delivery of 5m3/min, two models of which contain built-in generators.

The 8 Series range is available with a 100% buy-back guarantee from Atlas Copco, which ensures the compressors’ asset value and allows owners to easily calculate the capital return.