Spindler Demolition make a grab for reliability

On the back of 3 years reliable service from their MG1500, Essex based demolition specialist Spindler have further invested in Atlas Copco multi-grapples and breakers.

Reliability and performance were the main reasons for selecting Atlas Copco’s MG500 multi grapple and SB302 breaker. Having made the decision to purchase more of their own capital equipment in preference to renting, owner Bill Spindler’s years of experience led him to choose Atlas Copco’s equipment as he knew them to be more productive, requiring less down time and maintenance.

“ We’ve been using our MG1500 non-stop for the last three years, without a single issue – it’s never let me down - so I know I can rely Atlas Copco grapples. Having rented plenty of SB breakers over the years, I know they can also be relied upon to get the job done without any hassle.

The MG500 is so easy to handle that we can sort the timber and metal from the hardcore as we dismantle the building rather than once it is down. Not having to sort everything by hand afterwards saves us a huge amount of time and effort. ”

Bill Spindler , Owner

Spindler use the multi-grapples to dismantle houses, and once the building is down use their new SB302 to break up the concrete footings.

“ Thanks to their particularly robust design, our versatile MG excavator grapples are perfect for demolishing light masonry or wooden structures such as houses as well as sorting and loading demolished material. Similarly our SB solid body hydraulic breakers combine efficiency and performance with high durability. ”

Nigel Booley , Regional Sales Manager

Atlas Copco’s range of silent demolition tools includes cutters, steel shears, pulverisers, grapples, bucket crushers, drum cutters, compactors and magnets. This comprehensive range of robust excavator attachments can improve profitability for contractors by helping them to sort, load and recycle materials, so reducing landfill costs and increasing recycling.

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