Meet the Dynapac Citypaver from Atlas Copco!

The new Dynapac SD1800 Citypaver from Atlas Copco is ideal for road repairs and working in built up areas, with a laying capacity of 350t/h for paving widths from 0.70m up to 4.70m. This versatile machine offers many of the technological features valued in Dynapac’s larger SD pavers such as the PaveManager 2.0 software to optimise paving control.

The new Citypaver has been developed to be the most efficient paver in the market using highly advanced technology in electro-hydraulic controls. The 54kW power produced by the Deutz T3/T4 engine is distributed to the paver functions with minimal power loss ensuring ample power is available to perform highly demanding operations.

The SD1800


The Dynapac SD1800’s intelligent control system enables you to monitor the complete paving process so you can optimise the workflow. Featuring the PaveManager 2.0 control system, the SD1800 Citypaver offers unmatched control and performance in all applications from highway to city paving. Dynapac’s integrated intelligent control system is directly connected through a CAN BUS system to assure fast and reliable communication. Many adjustments made on the remote control can also be made from the dashboard and vice versa. The remote control recognises all levelling equipment from MOBA.

The equipment is self-configuring, so it can be used on either side of the paver. Both dashboard and remote controls offer colour displays and intuitive, self-explanatory menus and functions. Symbols and pictures make handling even easier, and are identical to those on the controls of the larger SD2500 series from Atlas Copco.

Just 5m long and 1.80m wide, the SD1800 is the ideal partner for narrow job sites, plus the paver’s low height makes paving under trees easy, while maintaining excellent operator visibility. Thanks to careful planning, even with one set of extension boxes mounted (giving a paving width from 2.35m to 4.10 m) the transport width is within normal restrictions, allowing it to be conveniently transferred from one job site to the next.

Operator comfort

The operator’s comfort is a top priority for Atlas Copco, so the platform offers generous headroom and a flat floor with plenty of storage space. The roof offers two integrated working lights to the front and to the rear. The ergonomic, pivotable seats are mounted in a slidable station. The control panel is also slidable and can be tilted. The Citypaver now features the same HMI (Human Machine Interface) concept as the large pavers in the F and SD Series. Having a modular, uniform look with the same operating principles saves a lot of time when operators work on different pavers. Other options available for the Citypaver include a weather house with extendable roof for comfortable working in all weather conditions and a fume suction system.

Developed technology

The V3500 screeds for the F and SD Citypaver ranges incorporate technology developed for and proven by Dynapac’s industry-leading large-paver screeds. The V3500 uses a robust dual-tube extension system to provide best in-class stability, especially when paving at maximum width. With the new screed, the Citypaver is now ready to operate with PaveManager 2.0, which provides a precise and manageable paving experience. The new side shields are easy to adjust and have all the wiring for the sensors and remote controls integrated into the frame. The extension boxes incorporate a new quick coupling concept for speedy attachment and easy adjustment. The new screed range is available with Vibration only or Tamping and Vibration pre-compaction systems. Heating can be electric or gas.

Regularly servicing your machines is very important to ensure reliable operation and a long service life. With pro-active service and preventive maintenance you minimise the risk of high production costs and breakdowns. You can select a service contract that meets your requirements for professional service in order to get the most out of your machine investment.