Trench compactors

Get up, down and around

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Remote control

The remote control comes with two cadmium-free batteries and onboard charging as standard. Higher efficiency, lower environmental impact.

Remote control

The new bluetooth remote control system keeps you out of harms way. Thanks to individually paired units there is no risk of electromagnetic distrurbance between the control and reciever

Easy operation

Turns tight corners thanks to counter rotating drums which permit rotation around its own axis

More uptime

Fan reduces the risk of overheated hydraulic oil and contributes to long service intervals and low lifecycle cost

Service made easy

Easy access to service points under the top cover

Stop in time

Automatic push stop

Stay balanced

The unibody design increases stability
due to constant center of gravity

Get up, down and around

Thanks to the unibody skid steer design a 90-degree corner in a tight trench is an easy manoeuvre. The reliable Hatz engine will deliver all the power you ever need and the extra tall pads make sure you have both traction and compaction to handle your daily tasks.

Technical specifications

Your benefits

The Bluetooth remote control lets you work at up to 30 meter distance, far away from noise, fumes and risk of landslips.