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Zone 2 compressors

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20 foot container


Flows up to

ATEX compliant

Mobile solution

For a multitude of applications

A user friendly and mobile zone 2 certified compressor

zone 2 equipment / zone 2 rated / 25 or 35 bar pressure options  in one machine / flows up to 35 m3/min

Why choose Atlas Copco XRYS 1100 Zone 2 compressor?

We have a long tradition of providing solutions to the oil and gas industry. We have worked on some of the largest projects around the globe and we have put those years of expertize into providing a fully integrated, certified skid package. Our XRYS 1100 Zone 2 rated compressor is an ATEX compliant two-stage air compressor built inside a 20 foot container. This unit was designed to provide high-pressure air for a multitude of applications. We are proud to call this a mobile compressor and it has many features that make moving the unit from different applications or sites as easy as possible. The XRYS 1100 offers user-friendliness, easy serviceability, and economical operation to ensure best-in-class cost of ownership.

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Along with a standard product range, we also offer a custom engineered range of products. We structure the design of these products through a global competency center in Antwerp, Belgium but our customized solutions are sold, supported and serviced locally, in over 180 markets. We can group these solutions into following categories.