LH 150PE

TEX pneumatic light breaker

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Balanced performance

Great balance means high comfort and performance, without adding unnecessary weight.

The first blow

The Sofstart function is the breaking equivalent of a surgical tool. It makes the first blow a joy.

HAPS is more business

The anti-vibration system HAPS means you will have seven times more trigger time than with a conventional machine.

Solid body

The one-piece housing means that your machine will last longer and need less maintenance.


The slim polyurethane silencer cuts noise by up to 75 percent. And it’s designed to stay out of sight.

Smooth breaking

To keep breaking smooth and effective, the piston turns on air cushions.

Light breaker

Our TEX 150PE light breaker can handle most tasks. And just like you, they’re unique. The Solid body design means the whole breaker is made from one single casting. Thanks to the technology, we can skip the bolts that are often used to keep the machine together. In fact, our breakers have between 25 and 35 less parts than other breakers. Fewer parts make simple servicing and better reliability. For you that translate to a little more done every day and a lot of time saved each month.

Technical specifications

Technical details

Breaker type


Breaker version



19 kg


590 mm

Air consumption

25 l/s

Impact rate

1,530 blows/min

Vibration level 3 axes (ISO 28927-10)

4.5 m/s²

Sound power level guaranteed (2000/14/EC)

104 Lw. dB(A)

Sound pressure level (ISO 11203)

91 Lp. dB(A)

Shank size: Hex

22x82,5 mm - 7/8x3 1/4 inch

Part number

8461 0223 31