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Wide range of applications

Submersible pumps are used in a wide range of applications. They are great at continuous pumping of clean or contaminated water on building sites. And they do an excellent job in flooded excavations and cellars.

Safe operation

Our pumps are driven by a built-in hydraulic motor featureing a special drive shaft, seal and bearings. The pumps are cooled and lubricated by the hydraulic oil and can be left to run dry without damage.

Impressive performance

The performance is impressive considering their size and weight. They provide a head of 32 meters and an output of 1,920 l/min.

LTP 3 submersible pump for clean or contaminated water

- Spark proof: a spark proof motor is an important safety measure when pumping contaminated fluids
- Versatile: use the LTP 3 on building sites, in flooded excavations, cellars and in wells
- Easy handling: The LTP 3 is equipped with a ten metre discharge hose and quick-release couplings
- Heavy-duty dirt: extreme contamination, mud and slurries containing particles of up to 60 mm in diameter

The three inch submersible trash pump can be used in general construction, road services, in municipalities, water and waste utilities or rescue services. But it can also handle more extreme contamination. It pumps mud and slurries containing stones and particles of up to 60 mm.


Technical specification



Max. head

32 m

Pump flow max

1,920 l/min

Air consumption

0 l/s


13 kg


300 mm

Oil flow

38 l/min

Working pressure




EHTMA class


Part number

1806 1014 35