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Pneumatic surface rock drills

5-25 kg (11-55lbs)

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5 to 25kg (11 to 55 lbs)

With a full range of surface rock drills, there's is always a model available for the job at hand.

Comfortable drilling

Built-in silencers, a lightweight design and vibration reducers ensure safe and comfortable operations. Thanks to HAPS (Hand and Arm Vibration Protection System), vibrations are reduced with up to 75%.

Fast flushing

Built-in flushing with compressed air avoids jamming and allows you to quickly clean the drill hole

Quick tool changes

Kick-latch retainers allow you to quickly and easily swap tools.

Balanced performance

These surface rock drills are designed for excellent balance, without adding unnecessary weight.

Pneumatic rock drill for construction, road works and quarrying

We know the drill when it comes to reliable and comfortable handheld tools. Our range of surface rock drills is ready to tackle any job: horizontal or vertical, light or heavy.

Our light surface rock drills are perfect for:

DKR surface rock drill
  • Horizontal drilling 
  • Plug hole drilling 
  • Drilling in concrete
    DKR 36 BBD 12 D BBD 12 DS BBD 15 T BBD 15 TS BBD 15 ET
Weight kg 4,5 9,8 10,7 11,1 12,1 15,6
Length mm 375 565 565 505 505 575
Air consumption l/s 10 24 22 22 24 22
Impact rate blows/min 2820 2580 2580 2580 2580 2520
Shank size mm R19 x H14,7 x 89 19 x 108 19 x 108 22 x 108 22 x 108 22 x 108

Our heavy surface rock drills are suitable for:

  • Quarrying 
  • Production drilling 
  • Mining
    SRD 20 SRD 25
Weight kg 24 27
Length mm 590 600
Air consumption l/s 39 50
Impact rate blows/min 2040 204
Shank size mm 22 x 108 22/25 x 208

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