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Smart Connected Assembly

Modern manufacturing, maintenance and assembly are facing new challenges. The demand for higher quality, greater efficiency and sustainability, is driving the need for change. The ability to connect with your equipment in real time, to collect the data and then to use it proactively and effectively to monitor, control and improve is key to meeting and surpassing these increased demands.

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Atlas Copco and Industry 4.0

Whether you call it Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, or even the Smart Factory, the result is the same. More automation of processes and more data generated from these and the other manual processes. At Atlas Copco we seek to provide the solutions that enable this automation where it is needed, improve all of the processes and to intelligently generate data that can be used for traceability and analysis.

That is what we call Smart Connected Assembly, and we think it is here to stay!

Modern Challenges

As consumers demand more and more customisation of the end product, together with the "Batch Size" vision, where the cost of producing one unit is the same as the cost of producing one million units, new levels of flexibility in production will be required to meet the increasing demands.

Human Factors

Operators will need to adopt and adapt to the new technologies available. Leveraging the potential from developments in robotics, the rise of Cobots, and the vast amount of data generated during assembly with the most important prioritised in user friendly systems.

System Complexity

As production systems become ever more complex and more and more production critical operations depend on networked systems. The importance of managing configuration, software versioning and access control will be vital to maintain quality control and uptime in production.