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Atlas Copco - A revolution in high torque bolting

As a world-leading provider of innovative and sustainable productivity solutions, that’s been in the UK for exactly 100 years, Atlas Copco has a highly regarded reputation for its industrial power tools and systems, assembly solutions, quality assurance, software and service.

Working directly with major partners in the wind energy sector, Atlas Copco Bolting Solutions maximises productivity whilst reducing risk and operational costs. In a wind turbine, bolted assemblies are secured using hydraulic torque, bolt tensioners or continuous rotation tools and Atlas Copco makes those applications quicker, safer and smarter.

One such innovation, the Tensor Revo HA, has been designed specifically for use in the construction and maintenance of wind turbines. Delivering tightening performance of up to 8000Nm, its DC electric motor is the fastest on the market by up to 6 times and is also the only high torque nutrunner with an integrated torque transducer, which measures real torque applied to the joint.
Error proofing is one of Atlas Copco’s key business pillars, so the Tensor Revo HA is equipped with an LED display for clear operator feedback, featuring a green light for ‘tightening OK’ and red for ‘fail’. Its high torque, slim gearbox with 360° gear swivel enables access to the trickiest located bolts.

Tensor Revo HA delivers superior speeds to shorten cycle times, resulting in faster tower builds and reduced project time. Decades of research and proven motor performance overcomes the issue of overheating in challenging environments.

An optional two-handed safety start trigger ensures no finger pinch points, whilst low noise and vibration levels means operators can work comfortably, even inside the turbine. The ergonomically designed handle with best in class balance and grip helps reduce fatigue.

Not only does the torque transducer measure the real torque but angle measurement ensures each bolt is tightened correctly by detecting damaged threads or variation in lubrication. All bolt tightening data can be downloaded and linked to bar codes or identifiers. Even graphical traces of the actual tightening can be stored for analysis.

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