RT - Square drive wrenches

Legendary durability for the most demanding applications


Rapid Torc RT Series Hydraulic Torque Wrench Features

Overview video of Atlas Copco Rapid-Torc RT Series Product. The RT Series Square Drive hydraulic torque wrench comes standard with many advanced features.



Spring-loaded shroud

Spring loaded shroud absorbs energy during operation.

Splined square drive

The RT Series splined square drive distributes load evenly through the drive components, providing full heavy-duty transmission of force. Direct Hex Drives and Hex Adapters are available.

External disengagement lever

These external disengagement levers make it easy to remove the tool from the application.

RT series

Our RT Square Drive tool is robust, powerful and accurate. The result is a tool that is perfectly suited for low clearance applications that require high torque. Use with the standard set up or customize with hydraulic torque wrench accessories.

For more product variations or details, please look into below documents and files.

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