Industrial Location SpotPoint ILS
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Industrial Location SpotPoint is Atlas Copco's first wireless bolt level location system. It uses vision technology, where the cameras are tracking the exact position of the tool. ILS consists of two main parts, the Sensor and the Tags. The Sensor is an all-in-one solution with the vision system and the computing power on it. The Tags are markers that are added into the tool, so that the Sensor can track their position. ILS is designed to help you reduce tightening errors in your line. The error-proofing system ensures that the right torque is applied into the right bolt.
Country of origin is SE. Customs tariff is 39269097

Technical Specifications

Dimension & weight
66 mm
48.5 mm
66 mm
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ILS Target Quad STB-S

8436 6771 12


Reduction in errors - Reduce re-work costs
Improved quality - Right the first time
Reduced training – Operator Guidance
Easy rebalancing - Plug & Play solution
Increased uptime - Low maintenance


Vision technology with Infrared light
All-in-One sensor - Vision & Computing power
Part tracking- Positioning for moving lines
Visual feedback - Operator Guidance
Plug&Play – Atlas Copco ecosystem
Provides assembly traceability
Configurable reject management
Detects tool orientation (P,Y,R)