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Dispensing system for body shops

The SCA product line offers complete automated application systems for body shop dispensing processes

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System components

System control

SYS 6000 system controller

SYS 6000 system control for body shop

In harsh production environments where adhesive systems have to perform around the clock, customers need reliable systems that are easy to use. The SYS 6000 from our SCA product line is a common choice for body shop applications. For an easy operation, the microcontroller-based SYS 6000 can be controlled not only via mobile or remote panel, but also through a browser accessible web interface. At the same time, this system controller offers a range of features to improve uptime, boost quality, and reduce maintenance requirements.

Metering unit

ADKE 6000 shot meter 160 ccm

Electric driven shot meter: ADKE 6000 series

The electric driven ADE/ADKE 6000 shot meters cover a wide range of body-in-white applications. Heavy duty construction for long lifecycle, a simplified installation and maintenance, need for only one single hybrid cable, and precise control with an accuracy of ±1% are some of the many advantages of this product. The 6000 series support a variety of application requirements, such as cold or heated delivery of one or two components.

  • Sizes: 10, 20, 80, 160, 400, 700, 2100 ccm
  • Max. pressure: up to 300 bar
  • Material flow: up to 20 ccm/s


Applicator for body-in-white bonding: E-Swirl 2 AdX BIW

Applicator for body-in-white bonding: E-Swirl 2 AdX BIW

The SCA product line offers a range of bead and swirl applicators. The E-Swirl 2 AdX BIW applicator for example ensures an excellent material distribution with long-term quality assurance. It can handle three different applications: fixed beads, fixed swirl, and adjustable swirl applications. With flexible changes of width and constrictions as well as sharply contoured edges, the E-Swirl 2 AdX BIW can precisely align to the individual part geometry. That makes this applicator the perfect solution for hem flange bonding processes, one of the most challenging joining processes in body-in-white.

  • Fixed position: bead application
  • Adjusted position: swirl application 0.4 to 1.0 mm radius
  • Maximum position: swirl application 1.2 mm radius

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SCA nozzles for adhesive dispensing in body shop

In body shop applications, common bead nozzles as well as swirl nozzles are used

To meet customer requirements for bead shape and size, a broad range of standard and customized nozzles are available. Ultimately, the type of nozzle that is selected in combination with the applicator determines the shape. In body shop applications, common bead and special swirl nozzles are used for structural bonding processes.

  • A wide selection of customized nozzles for different applications
  • Robust nozzles crafted from high-quality materials for maximum uptime

Material supply

SCA material supply

Double barrel pump with pump control for heated body shop systems

A reliable and robust material supply increases production uptime and reduces maintenance costs. All SCA pumps are designed for a long operational life and to minimize stress on the adhesives and sealants they handle. Both single and double barrel pumps are available. Double barrel models enable convenient replacement of material barrels, without disrupting production. The SCA pump control enables high-viscosity adhesive and sealant materials to be used as well as one or two component bonding systems.

The displacement pump UP165 is commonly used in body shops

Displacement pump

  • Material delivery per double stroke: 165, 301 ccm
  • Barrel volumes: 20, 30, 50, 200 l
  • Unheated and fully heated systems available

System options

In-line 2D and 3D visual quality control system

QUISS vision system for quality monitoring

Vision inspection for quality inspection

Structural bonding processes in the body shop are particularly for safety critical applications. We offer an in-line visual quality control system that detects errors in width, continuity and position of the adhesive bead during the application.

  • Reduced quality costs: The vision system is integrated into the application head and immediately detects quality issues. Rework or scrap production are minimized.
  • High productivity levels: The vision system is an in-line process control system and hence does not require additional cycle time. High image processing frequency allows highest robot speeds. With the automatic bead repair functionality quality issues can be fixed where they appear.
  • Easy to use: Teach-in functionalities support machine operators and reduce start-up time. To make the vision solution easy to use, configurable parameters have been programmed in an intuitive manner.
SCA Dispensing BIW System Layout

Typical system layout for body shop applications