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TechCover Uptime

Shield your software –maximize your productivity

What is TechCover Uptime?

TechCover Uptime is a software service agreement that allow you to get on-site support tailored to your production needs, targeted to ensure maximized system uptime and productivity.

What do you get?

All the benefits of our TechCover Stability and Protect packages, dedicated one-stop on-site support with reducing production and data losses.

What are the benefits?

For your operation this all adds up to reduced data losses, resolution times, downtime costs and maintenance resources.With TechCover Uptime, you will also have a complete insight of you software issues.

We understand how expensive downtime can be. TechCover Uptime keeps your software protected by giving you on-site support tailored to your real-time needs.

ToolCover Uptime includes:
• Committed response times of < 30 minutes for production critical incidents.
• Remote product support.
• Root cause analysis and provision of problem resolution.
• Regular product updates. *
• Remote application support
• Database monitoring and remote supprt
• On-site shift support (1 x shift included)
• KPI alignment and performance reporting.

For your operation this all adds up to minimize line stoppages and production, quality and data loss, optimized resolution times and maintenance resources and the lowest total cost of software ownership. TechCover Uptime also provides you a full insight of your software current issues.

TechCover Uptime is our premium TechCover product.

Contact us for more information.

* The delivery of regeluar updates does not include testing and implementation in customer environment.

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