S Geobor training at Geocore Site Investigations

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Kris McCormick (Atlas Copco - left) and Adam Woodhead (Geocore - right)

Adam Woodhead, Managing Director of Geocore Site Investigations Limited decision to buy an Atlas Copco S Geobor system was based on much more than the purchase price. The combination of product training, safety features and competitive pricing were the deciding factors in his decision to buy the system. There was no doubt that he had chosen the right product for his business enabling him to return ‘undisturbed’ class 1 samples from his first site investigation contract with the system.

The training included a full day for Adam on the S Geobor Method 1 system including practical drilling and technical training on each of the components of the coring system.

Kris McCormick (Atlas Copco Sales Engineer) covered all the processes of drilling holes with Method 1, from setting the core barrel to the correct length for optimum flush, demonstrating the functions of the overshot, dry hole device and advice on rotation speed and water pressure to ensure that his customer was happy with the new system and able to then train his own operators.

“ Other suppliers just wanted to sell me a coring product. Atlas Copco were prepared to offer training and support on their equipment, before, during and after purchasing S Geobor. ”

Adam Woodhead - Geocore Site Investigations Ltd

The details of each component, their purpose and specification together with the reasons behind the design and composition of the components was carried out by Johan Jans, Terracore Product Development Manager.

One of the components covered was the safety overshot device, which is a frame that goes around the overshot latch of the drill string. It will ensure that in the event of any kind of mud or debris getting caught in the overshot, the frame would prevent the overshot falling onto the operator.

“ My biggest concern is safety. With the training including the safety overshot device I could then teach my lads the safest way to work. ”

Adam Woodhead

After the days product training was complete, the first job for the S Geobor system was site investigation work for a housing development near Newcastle, which involved drilling 3 no 17m holes in 3 days. Kris visited site to support Geocore in case of any queries and to offer guidance if needed on the system.
Site access and set up for the drilling operations took some time. The conditions on the wet site were difficult. The site was located in a back filled quarry comprising of brown gravelly clay to 9.60m and interblended sandstone and mudstone down to the total depth of 17.10m. The S Geobor system worked extremely well and completed the holes in just 2 days with 100% recovery.

“It amazed me that you could see the whole range of superficial material in one sample. In a 1.5m line with clay at one end, I could pin-point the rock head to within a few mm. Whereas traditionally no method provides similar accuracy or such a perfect sample of a large range in one”

Adam Woodhead has subsequently bought the non coring system (method 6). He sees the S Geobor system as an important part of his future business development.

“ The product training and support from Atlas Copco has allowed us to educate our clients on the benefits of the system’s speed, quality of core samples as well as the ability to case-off overburden. As long as we continue to convince our clients of the advantages, thereby generating demand, we with remain with our plan to put the S Geobor system on all our rigs ”

Adam Woodhead

The Atlas Copco S Geobor system is wholly manufactured in our facility in Stirling Scotland. Stocks of drill rods, corebarrels , spare parts and coring bits are available for immediate despatch.