Future fuel: from concept to zero emission application

September 9, 2021

Woman charging electric car

Hydrogen unleashes the potential of electrification

With fossil free fuels becoming increasingly competitive, and electricity is created, today more than ever before, with renewable energy sources, the wave to electrification is getting higher and gaining momentum every single day. The automotive industry is walking away from traditional combustion engines and embracing hybrid or 100% electric vehicles increasingly rapidly. To meet the commercial success of these vehicles, charging stations are installed in public and private locations throughout Europe to ensure all these vehicles in need of a (quick) charge can easily do so.

Plugging in electric car with Atlas Copco logo

While potential is unlimited, the power grid itself in some cases is unable able to carry the load or even unavailable. Mobile charging stations, powered by a modular power generator setup, seems like the ideal solution until the necessary steps are made by local, national, and European governmental initiatives.

But, charging emission-free vehicles with fossil fuel … Well, it seems a bit silly, no? That’s what our Concept Lab Team thought before heading to the drawing board and creating the H2-45 prototype. The unit isn’t a gimmick or flashy-looking temporary stunt. It is the first step in Specialty Rental’s journey to providing 100% emission-free Specialty Rental Solutions.

Phasing out emissions

The demand for charging stations rises, but the expectation of lowering emissions will only rise along with it. A 45kVA hydrogen-powered generator would be more than capable of charging multiple electric vehicles and do so without any harmful emissions. Zero.

Full setup charging station with hydrogen unit

The pressure to remove emissions from the equation is happening throughout a variety of sectors. Another application example? Music festivals. Rocking out to your favorite band playing on an emission-free stage, powered by a unit like the H2-45 prototype and solar panels, will be possible. Especially festivals in urban areas can benefit from this evolution, and the organizers are ready and willing to take that step.

Testing and developing the H2-45 prototype continues! With the unit now being spotted in the field, Concept Lab Team is more motivated to continue pushing boundaries and thinking ahead. We do what we do because we are who we are, after all! 

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