Atlas Copco Rental’s steam boiler keeps brewery in full production

October 15, 2019

Agrofirma Tērvete is a modern diversified enterprise in Tērvete, Latvia, specializing in crop production, dairy farming, horse breeding, biogas production, food retail and catering. Over the years, the company has developed beer-brewing expertise – and today, Tērvete beer has gained wide recognition among Latvian beer connoisseurs.

The brewery has its own 1.2-ton steam boiler, which is used in the beer production process, as well as a steam generator that provides additional assistance. In March 2019, their boiler suffered a sudden breakdown, and an inspection confirmed that the downtime would be at least one month…

Plug and play steam boiler to the rescue

To limit production losses, the brewery needed a short-term emergency replacement as soon as possible! As Tērvete’s own boiler was 1.2-ton, Atlas Copco Rental’s 1.3-ton steam boiler was a perfect match. Atlas Copco Rental in Finland sprang into action: we completed the planning and delivery within one week, and we sent 2 engineers (one from Finland and one from France) to help set up the equipment. The solution we provided consisted of a steam boiler and the necessary flexible steam and water hoses.

The added value of Atlas Copco Steam Rental’s solution

First of all, the fact that we could fill the brewery’s need so quickly had an immense impact financially: their boiler broke down at the start of their peak production – so, without the replacement boiler, their production would have been down by about 75%. Furthermore, the boiler has low operation costs and does not require an operator to be constantly present. In addition, the downtime lasted longer than expected – but as the replacement steam boiler ended up being used for a longer period of time, the customer had the chance to enjoy the flexibility of our renting times as well.

Providing exactly what they needed

I found Atlas Copco’s website via an online search. When I saw the wide range of boilers, I knew we could get a specific boiler for our project. I’m very satisfied with the solution, because it was exactly what we needed. I would definitely recommend Atlas Copco. The solution that they provided was very specific and they were able to deliver everything our company required very quickly. I also really like the fact that their rental terms are so flexible!

Mr. Endijs Drebeiniks , Thermal Engineer at Agrofirma Tērvete

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