Electric driven 100% oil-free booster
High-pressure air and nitrogen application

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100% Oil-free booster for high-pressure air and nitrogen applications

Combined with an oil-free air compressor, this HNX booster provides 100% pure air (ISO 8573-1, CLASS 0 (2010) certification). Using 100% oil-free air eliminates the risk of air contamination and reduces your business' operating costs for compressed air. The HNX booster can increase the outlet pressure up to 70 barg or 1000 psig. It offers the highest flow in its product segment, reaching up to 37 m³/min or 1305 cfm.

  • Unique trailer mounted solution: no need for lifting. The equipment is delivered on a safety trailer for maximum convenience and transportability. With this plug-and-play setup operators can easily access the equipment.
  • Optimized energy consumption: Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology optimizes energy consumption at any working condition.

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