Rental oil-lubricated air compressors

Industrial air compressors for all key sectors

Delivering high performance, efficiency and versatility for all key sectors, our range of oil-lubricated air compressors are the temporary solution you’re looking for. Talk to our experts to discover how Atlas Copco Rental can help your organization.

Compressor rental for all applications and industries

For all your temporary needs, whether for planned contingencies or unexpected emergencies: you can rely on our air compressors for an efficient industrial air supply - exactly how and when you need it. Our engineers design with you the most suitable installation. A fast set-up and a cost- and energy-effective approach are part of our total solution package, all completely tailored to your specific application.

If you have a power supply at your disposal, then an electric compressor may be the best solution.

Electric compressors are quieter, they require less maintenance and no fuel top-ups. Moreover, with an electric-drive compressor you have absolutely no exhaust, which benefits your production facility as well as the environment.