Temporary power supply for all applications and conditions

Whether for short- or long-term demands, our 24/7 rental service offers efficient and professional generators for all industrial sectors.

Our engineers design the most suitable temporary installation. A fast set-up and a cost- and energy-effective approach are part of the total package, all completely tailored to your specific application.

  • Generators from 20kVA to 1250kVA or more with parallel set-up
  • Transformers up to 6300kVA and voltage up to 25kV
  • Temporary rental, complete with accessories
  • All-in approach, 24/7 service
  • Compact electronically operated diesel generators with low noise levels for continuous usage or emergencies

Why Atlas Copco Rental is your best choice

  1. generators for all conditions and industrial applications
  2. professional equipment in excellent state
  3. international express delivery thanks to smart logistics
  4. on-site experts manage your project, installation and maintenance
  5. efficient all-in approach: one point of contact 
  6. triple ISO-certification
  7. cost-efficient: custom rental, lowest possible energy cost
  8. international 24/7 service
  9. wide range of generators
  10. 140+ years in more than 160 sectors

Make decades of international experience work for you

For planned contingencies or unexpected emergencies: we supply you with high quality power at the lowest possible energy cost - quickly and efficiently.

Smaller units up to 125kVA or container units starting from 500 kVA: many major industrial players rely on our technology and our strategy for an efficient top quality power supply tailored to their specific needs.

Our service engineers design your custom set-up

Our experts design the matching set-up with you. So you know you have the right, most reliable and most energy-efficient approach, exactly how long you need it.

Save time and money: we take care of everything, from design to delivery, training, on-site maintenance and collection.

Premium service with safety and environment ISO-certification

24/7 international premium service with fast response times. Triple certification guarantees

  • absolute quality: ISO 9001
  • respect for the environment: ISO 14001
  • the strictest safety and health policies: OHSAS 18001

Temporary power supply for all applications and conditions

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