A new standard in vacuum pump technology

The new standard in vacuum pump technology

Clean. Silent. Energy-efficient. Our GHS VSD+ cuts your energy costs by an average 50% and increases production speed by up to 10%. We can offer you one on a ‘Try before you Buy’ basis. Once you experience the difference you’ll want to keep it!

Try before you buy

Using rough vacuum has always meant high oil carryover, loud noise and high energy costs. But why should you stick to tradition when there’s no more need to compromise thanks to newer vacuum pump technology?

Atlas Copco broke the mould with the clean, silent, energy-efficient GHS VSD+ vacuum pump.

You can now have a single source provider for all your compressed air or vacuum pump requirements. The same quality, reliability, low lifecycle costs, user-friendly interface and ease of serviceability as you’ve come to expect from your Atlas Copco compressor is now available for your vacuum pump.

10% faster production

Increase your production speed by an average of 10%

50% less energy

The use of variable speed technology enables energy savings of up to 50%

50% less noise

The GHS VSD+ offers a 50% reduction in noise levels, down to only 51 dB(A)