Energy efficient vacuum pumps

Atlas Copco is committed to helping businesses make operational improvements and cost savings by using the most effective vacuum pump technology. Our vacuum pump equipment reduces energy consumption by 50% on average. Our service engineers provide 24/7 UK nationwide service support.

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10% faster production

Increase your production speed by an average of 10%

50% less energy

GA VSD+ is 50% more efficient on average than the corresponding fixed speed machine

50% less noise

The GHS VSD+ offers a 50% reduction in noise levels, down to only 51 dB(A)

GHS VSD+ rotary screw vacuum pumps

Small range: 390–870 m³/h
Mid range: 1300–1900 m³/h
Ultimate pressure: 0.35 mbar(a)
Optimum pressure range: 5 to 400 mbar(a)
Extremely efficient variable speed drive technology

Liquid ring vacuum pumps

AWS single stage 3 300–37 500 m³/h
Ultimate pressure: 160 mbar(a)
AWD two stage, 200–4 510 m³/h
Ultimate pressure: 30 mbar(a)
Certified for hazardous area operation

DZS dry claw vacuum pumps

Ultimate pressure: 50 – 140 mbar(a)
Pumping speed: 65 – 300 m3/h
Overpressure: 2.5 bar(g)
Corrosion resistant stainless steel claws
Compact design & market leading low noise level

Do you know the real cost of your production line vacuum pumps?

Atlas Copco vacuum specialists use a proprietary portable technology called V-Box to measure the vacuum installation and get real time performance data. Our analysis will provide you with answers and recommendations on potential energy savings.

We can also advise you regarding available government grants and tax reliefs for energy efficiency projects.

Real time energy information

We connect to your pump
whilst in use, to gain real-time data on the
efficiency of your current installation

Easy to digest results

Our experts are on hand to talk you
through our clear information
and the results with you on site.

Ways to save

Not only will our vacuum pumps use less energy; they will also take up less floor space, have lower noise levels, reduced emissions, and lower service costs

Atlas Copco vacuum service engineers cover the whole of the UK and ensure reliable service support 24/7.

Our vacuum sales team has a reputation for pioneering pump technology, expertise and knowledge and are ready to answer your questions.

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