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New high-performance multiple dry claw vacuum pump system from Atlas Copco

April 29, 2019

Atlas Copco has launched a new DZM multiple dry claw vacuum pump system offering a powerful combination of energy efficiency, reliability and ease of installation. The plug-and-play vacuum system is easy to operate and ideally suited for industrial companies operating in hot and dry working environments.

DZM claw vacuum pump

DZM multiple vacuum pump system

The DZM system is designed for use in a wide variety of dry pumping applications – from packaging lines, pneumatic conveyors and clamping systems for CNC machines, to moulding machines, drying processes or central vacuum supply systems. Dry claw vacuum pumps use two claw-shaped rotors running in opposite directions that do not touch each other or the pump chamber. This simple principle ensures users benefit from a high degree of performance and energy efficiency.

This also applies to the DZM system, which combines between two and four DZS claw vacuum pumps, depending on the application, in a single compact housing. Atlas Copco’s sturdy, durable DZS pumps are single-stage oil-free machines with air cooling. They require very little maintenance, even in arduous conditions. One of the pumps in each DZM system has a variable speed drive, allowing the vacuum to be adapted precisely to the customer’s requirements. This dramatically improves efficiency by reducing the power required and total cost of ownership.

The space-saving vacuum system is available in three sizes: DZM 600 VSD, DZM 900 VSD and DZM 1200 VSD, with an intake volume flow between 112 and 1230 cubic metres per hour (m3/h). As with individual DZS claw pumps, the DZM system can create a vacuum level up to 140 mbar(a).

The standard features of DZS pumps include stainless steel claws and a corrosion-resistant pump chamber, allowing reliable operation even under difficult conditions.

Richard Oxley, industrial vacuum pumps

“ Process gases flow continuously through vacuum pumps, which may result in premature failure of the pump. It is therefore very important to select suitable materials and coatings. ”

Richard Oxley , Vacuum Product Manager for Atlas Copco, UK

The dry claw technology used in the DZS series also offers the advantage that, despite the very tight clearances between rotors and casing, there is no contact between these components and the pump is therefore virtually free from wear. The result is a reliable pump combining longevity with minimum maintenance expenses. Thanks to details such as an integrated exhaust silencer, DZS pumps are among the quietest dry claw pumps on the market. They therefore contribute to a pleasant working atmosphere.

“ Our new DZM multiple pump system is based on the simple design principles of our compressors. We install our high-performance DZS pumps inside a noise reducing enclosure and offer our customers a solution that is both compact and intelligent. ”

Richard Oxley , Vacuum Product Manager for Atlas Copco, UK

The sturdy housing protects the pumps, reduces noise levels and heat and contains all the technology required for operation in a single box. In order to protect the heat-sensitive electronics, “hot” and “cold” components are installed separately from each other. The side walls are removable, allowing rapid access and facilitating easier maintenance.

The user interface features the tried and tested Elektronikon controller from Atlas Copco, which is integrated in the front panel. The controller operates the multiple dry claw pump system and ensures that the individual pumps are harmonised with each other in operation. The vacuum level is automatically monitored within the system and perfectly matches the process duty point. Accurate control is maintained with the variable speed drive working in conjunction with the cascade control of the remaining pumps. Lag pumps rotate duty on a regular basis to even usage, especially when redundancy is built in to the system, for example, in time of maintenance shut-downs.

Information on pump status, system capacity, system pressure, energy efficiency, special events and maintenance status can be called up on the display and also transmitted via communication modules, if the customer wishes so.

“ The user receives a plug-and-play solution which is easy to install and handle. Our multiple pump system is compact, easy to transport, space-saving and less costly than alternative technologies which need to be assembled and installed at the customer’s plant. ”

Richard Oxley , Vacuum Product Manager for Atlas Copco, UK

Editor's Notes:

Atlas Copco’s Vacuum Technique business area provides vacuum products, exhaust management systems, valves and related products mainly under the Edwards, Leybold and Atlas Copco brands. The main markets served are semiconductor as well as a variety of industrial segments. The business area has a global service network and innovates for sustainable productivity in order to further improve its customers’ productivity. Principal product development and manufacturing units are located in the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Germany, South Korea, China and Japan.

Industrial Vacuum is a division within Atlas Copco's Vacuum Technique business area. It develops, manufactures and sells sophisticated vacuum products and solutions for customers in the industrial process and rough vacuum sectors, for example steel, CPI (chemical process industries), metallurgy, petrochemical, food packaging and paper handling. The division markets products under the Atlas Copco, Edwards, Quincy and Leybold brands. The division's focus is to improve customers' productivity. The divisional headquarter is in Cologne Germany, the main production locations are in Cologne, Qingdao and Tianjin China, Lutin Czech, Valence France and Antwerp Belgium. 

Atlas Copco Compressors is the GB sales and service operation of the Atlas Copco Group providing oil-free and oil-injected stationary air compressors,  gas and process compressors, vacuum pumps, turbo expanders, nitrogen generators, air treatment equipment (such as compressed air dryers, coolers, and filters) air management systems, and custom designed engineered packages. 

Atlas Copco Compressors’ sales and distribution network means that specialist compressed air advice and service is always within easy reach. A team of over 80 service engineers operates across the country, to ensure maximum running efficiency and minimum downtime at its customers' sites.

In the United Kingdom, Atlas Copco also handles the sales and marketing of construction and mining equipment, portable compressors and electric power generators, industrial power tools and assembly systems – all backed up by a nationwide sales, distribution, service and maintenance network. 

Atlas Copco is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions. The Group serves customers with innovative compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems. Atlas Copco develops products and service focused on productivity, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics. The company was founded in 1873, is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and has a global reach spanning more than 180 countries. In 2016, Atlas Copco had revenues of BSEK 101 (BEUR 11) and about 45 000 employees. Learn more at www.atlascopco.co.uk/compressorsuk

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