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Plug & play

This concept of design greatly reduces complexity and installation costs compared to other central systems designs. The package not only consists of the pumps but also comprises the common inlet manifold and an exhaust manifold resulting in two simple pipe connections.

Low noise

Atlas Copco prides itself on offering environmentally friendly solutions and noise plays a big part. Our reputation for designing and building noise reducing canopies is renowned in the industry and comes from many years of experience in the world of compressors.

Complete controllability

Atlas Copco’s DZM-VSD multi-vacuum pump controllers allows the DZM package to start/stop and control multiple vacuum pumps simultaneously according to set working pressures. The controller comes with a built-in frequency inverter for the lead pump and the lag pumps are started with soft starters to lighten the load and lengthen the life of the pump.

Elektronikon® monitoring system

A state-of-the-art monitoring system for your vacuum pumps. It is simple yet comprehensive and leads to energy savings. It can also integrate your plant management system thanks to a remote monitoring option.

Beside our DZS single-stage vacuum pumps we also offer a complete multi-claw vacuum pumping system in a box. A solution perfectly designed to meet your larger process demands with a central vacuum system based on the renowned Atlas Copco compressor philosophy. This vacuum pumping package offers a completely controllable system ranging from 44 to 1,230 m3/h integrated into one cabinet with a simple ‘plug & play’ concept.

The beating heart

At the heart of this system is the DZS 300 V claw pump providing efficiency, robustness and ultimate performance with best in class credentials.
With three sizes of system available plus the option to expand the central vacuum system with centrally controlled multiple packages, we can offer a complete turn-key solution regardless of your requirements.

Technical product specifications

  Metric Imperial
Nominal displacement: 44 – 1230 m3/hr 26 – 723 cfm
Ultimate pressure: 140 mbar(a) 105 Torr
Shaft power: 1.2 – 25 kW 1.6 – 33 hp

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