Vacuum Pump Types

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There are a few vacuum pump types available, so to help you choose which one is best suitable for your needs we have highlighted below the advantages and capacity for each model.

Rotary vane vacuum pump

An oil-injected vane pump in an ideal solution for smaller point-of-use applications including packaging, woodworking, plastics, paper and printing, material handling and other demanding applications.
The rotary vane vacuum pumps are basic but reliable machines with a good oil retention at all operating pressures. Our latest designs include an internal injection channel in the pump. This helps reduce the amount of external piping required and minimise the risk of leaks.
Our new machines in this model are also more compact and quieter than their predecessors which is very suitable for smaller spaces

Machine capacity

Capable of an ultimate pressure between 0.1 and 0.5 mbar.

Liquid ring vacuum pump

Thanks to its capacity of handling extreme vapour loads, this technology is an ideal solution for any application where excess water is present. This includes, but is not limited to, filtration and dewatering, pump down or evacuation duties.

Machine capacity

Capacities range from 170 to 37,500 m³/h. m³.

Rotary screw vacuum pumps

This technology has been designed for specific industries and is optimised to perform at 400 mbar and below. This includes, but is not limited to, industrial vacuum users in the glass, plastics, canning and food packaging industries.
The rotary screw pumps offer considerably higher performance levels and reduced maintenance, noise and heat emissions than the conventional oil-sealed and dry vane vacuum pumps.
The rotary screw pump is also equipped with a control function that allows the pumps to deliver the lowest required vacuum, ensuring that the minimum amount of energy is wasted and therefore reducing any associated costs.

Machine capacity

With a maximum flow rate in the region of 5004 m3/h.

Dry claw vacuum pumps

The dry claw vacuum pumps have no lubrication in the main pumping chamber, making this the best solution for applications that require zero contamination.
As well as being cost effective, these are also one of our quietest vacuum technologies.

Machine capacity

Volume flows for dry claw vacuum pumps vary between 65 and 1230 m3/h and units typically have an ultimate vacuum of 140 mbar(a). Some of the latest pumps on the market can reach 50 mbar(a).