Our new compressors are guaranteed to save you $10,000 in energy costs in one year

Can't get $10,000 in energy savings? We'll discount the difference from the compressor purchase price. T&Cs apply.

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New range of 125-200 HP air compressors brings guaranteed energy savings to companies like you!

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We're confident that there is no match for the efficiency of our oil-injected Atlas Copco GA 110-160 VSD+ and the oil-free ZR 90-160 VSD+ rotary screw compressors. More than that, you get:

Tight pressure band control

Guaranteed dew point

Designed for tough and demanding environments

20-30% smaller footprint than comparable models

But don't take our word for it. Find out why industry giant Nestlé chose a ZR VSD+ below.

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See the new ZR VSD+ in action at Nestlé, where it saved them 45% in energy costs!

“ It does everything we've asked it to do, and then some. ”

Geoff Martin , Maintenance Team Leader, Nestlé Gerber

Key Benefits for Nestlé:

Certified oil-free compressed air
There is no question of accidental product contamination

Minimal pressure swing
1.5 psi, compared to 10 psi previously

Guaranteed dew point
Machine assures -40° F dew point, usually outputs -77° F

Production uptime security
With SMARTLINK remote monitoring, the machine is supervised for faults 24/7 by both Gerber and Atlas Copco

Energy savings of 45%
Keeping up with factory demand for compressed air while removing 3 out of 5 compressors and their ancillary equipment

What's so special about the new GA VSD+ and ZR VSD+?


GA 110-160 VSD+

Largest operating pressure/flow rate range for a compressor in the 125 - 200 HP range

12% energy efficiency improvement vs previous generation thanks to motor to IE5 efficiency standard

More reliable thanks to oil-cooled motor which is less susceptible to dust ingress

One person service

50% shorter service time vs comparable machine thanks to modular design

No need for a 4000 hour service thanks to component design with durability in mind

Integrated refrigerant dryer (37,4°F) available across the range

Up to 30% smaller than comparable models, with the integrated dryer variant having only 8'' of additional floor space


ZR 90-160 VSD+

Quality guaranteed with oil-free compressed air, assured by independent third party certification from TÜV SÜD

12% jump in energy efficiency thanks to dual motors running to IE5 efficiency standard, which allow the two elements to be run at different speeds during times of lower demand

Tight pressure band control, with maximum swing of 1.5 psi

Clean, dry air with a guaranteed dew point of -40°F from the integrated adsorption dryer variant

20% smaller footprint than comparable machines on the market

Noise levels below those of a normal conversation

Built-in remote monitoring with SMARTLINK technology, enabling immediate fault detection and preventative action for common fault patterns

“ If we can't demonstrate $10,000 in energy savings during the first year, we will discount the difference from the purchase price of your new compressor. We see many real-life examples where we save way more than 10% of the total bill. On an energy bill of several hundred thousand dollars, then the savings really add up. ”

Neil Breedlove , Atlas Copco Business Line Manager

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What's included in a free energy assessment?

Atlas Copco iiTrak device installation for generating energy usage reports on air compressors

Face to face visit by Atlas Copco representative to discuss your production set-up and air quality requirements

Visual assessment of your existing installation, covering compressor, dryers, filtration, tank storage, pipework and any system controlling or monitoring installation

Comprehensive energy usage pattern and savings potential report generated with data covering 10 days' monitoring

Face to face visit to interpret the data in the energy savings report and compare the energy savings enabled by a GA VSD+ or ZR VSD+ machine, as well as discussing next steps for managing air leaks where applicable

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N.B. This energy assessment shows the performance of your existing machine and compares it to a GA VSD+ or a ZR VSD+ which could cover your compressed air demand.
If you are looking for an energy report to meet regulations and ISO standards or inform extensive improvements to your factory's energy efficiency, you should consider a paid AIRScan audit to cover the entirety of your compressed air installation.

Terms and conditions apply: