The 10K Challenge

Do you have a six-figure energy bill? What would you say if we could cut that bill by $10,000?*

Remove the Hurdles from Your Business. Take the 10K Challenge!

The new Atlas Copco GA 110-160 VSD+ and ZR 90-160 VSD+ are the most innovative 125-200 HP air compressors of the last decade. They offer triple efficiency benefits, covering energy, service and uptime. We’re so confident in what they can do, we have launched an unprecedented introductory offer:

If we can't demonstrate $10,000 in energy savings during the first year, we will discount the difference from the purchase price of your new compressor.

Either way, you’re guaranteed to save $10,000 in the first year, with incredible energy savings for years to come! How's that for an introductory offer?

Calculate your energy savings with our Payback Estimator Tool!

Download the Brochures:
GA 110-160 VSD+
ZR 90-160 VSD+

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