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Multistage centrifugal air blower and exhauster ZM

Oil-free blower and vacuum solution up to 1.7 bar(g) / 25 psig

A flexible solution for all your low-pressure and vacuum applications

Robust ZM oil-free multistage centrifugal blowers and exhausters provide you with the air or gas, pressure or vacuum you need at low maintenance costs.  

oil-free centrifugal air blower installation picture

Key technical specifications

Capacity FAD l/s

47 gal/min - 18,880 gal/min

Capacity FAD

100.13 cfm - 40,052 cfm

Working pressure

2 psig - 24 psig
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The advantages of multistage centrifugal technology

ZM 246 multistage centrifugal blower and exhauster

Multistage centrifugal units are known for their reliable operation under tough conditions or in high-risk environments. That is why they are used in a variety of applications in the oil, biogas, or mining industries. They are suited for both pressure (multistage blowers) and vacuum (multistage exhausters) applications of air and gasses.

The strength of the multistage blower design is the ability to select both the number of compression stages and the impeller design of each stage. This will help you to match the blower performance to your process requirements with maximum efficiency.

Biogas blower

Multistage blowers are often used in the production process for biogas. They are used to extract gas from e.g. sludge so that it can be purified and turned into biogas. Gasses such as methane and carbon dioxide cause corrosion. For your biogas production process, you'll need a robust unit that can withstand corrosion.


ZM centrifugal solutions

Whether you need air, gas, pressure, or vacuum, our wide performance range of ZM multistage centrifugal blowers and exhausters provides you with the quality you need. With a pressure up to 1.7 bar(g) / 25 psig and a flow of up to 68,000 m3/hr / 42,500 cfm, they are suited for a variety of low pressure and vacuum applications that require a high flow rate.

Reliable and safe operation
Our multistage blowers and vacuum solutions are suited for operation in temperatures above 50°C / 120 °F.

The stainless steel shaft and different coating options protect the unit from corrosive and dusty operating conditions and are suited for the vacuum removal of biogas, helping you decrease the costly downtime of your production process.

Our ZM multistage solutions are both ATEX and API 617 compliant, ensuring safe operation in demanding environments.
Reduce your energy costs
Each ZM multistage solution package is provided with a premium efficient, induction motor to drive the blower element. These motors can be suitable for fixed speed or variable speed operation and provided for a variety of voltages. On top of that, the low maintenance design ensures a minimal level of service is needed.
Customized to your needs
The scope of supply for our ZM multistage solutions is completely configurable to meet your needs. Whether you would like a simple blower package for an air application or need an advanced system for compressing combustible gases in a classified area, we got you covered.

You can also choose to monitor and control the blower with your own system or have us supply an advanced control panel to monitor the health of the machine and adjust the blower to your desired setpoint.


Technical specification

Technical Property Value

Capacity FAD l/s

47 gal/min - 18,880 gal/min

Capacity FAD

100.13 cfm - 40,052 cfm

Working pressure

2 psig - 24 psig

Installed motor power

5 HP - 3,600 HP

Digital brochure

Digital brochure centrifugal air blower ZM

ZM 4-6 installation

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