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CR Series Cast Iron Compressor

Meet the CR Series! This line of piston compressors are cast-iron design and, with three different tiers, are truly engineered to match any application's unique needs.

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Introducing the CR series of cast-iron piston compressors! Our newest piston compressor line combines the reliability & maximum productivity Atlas Copco is known for with three unique tiers (Contractor, Professional, and Industrial) to choose from. Each tier has been custom-tailored to work in a variety of industries, and the entire CR range is especially suited for demanding industrial, automotive, and light manufacturing applications.

Features and benefits for each include:

  • Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty Program
  • Duplex or Simplex
  • Single-stage units best for low demand applications up to 135psi, two-stage units can meet higher demands, offering pressures up to 175psi, with higher duty cycle pumps
  • Fully enclosed belt guard and ASME safety valves
  • Pilot valve control on gas drive units to reduce engine speed on low demand

Technical specifications CR series

Capacity FAD l/s

2.3 l/s - 33.9 l/s

Working pressure

6.8 bar(e) - 12 bar(e)

Installed motor power

3.73 kW - 11.19 kW

Capacity FAD

0 m³/h - 0 m³/h


Our piston compressor lines have been a consistent and reliable product over the years, and we are thrilled to take that product to the next level by offering a line with all cast iron pistons. With cast iron construction and industrial class bearings, our CR Range guarantees longevity and durability, even in the most demanding environments.

Ryan Wilburn , Product Marketing Manger, Piston Compressors

Contractor Series

CR Contractor Series Piston Compressors
The Contractor series encompasses our smaller models from 2-14HP. This is our most economic tier. The low profile cast iron design, semi-pneumatic wheel, heavy gauge wire belt guard and rugged pump design provides the ideal solution for small, portable applications. It has electric or gas-powered options makes it perfect for contractors, service trucks, and construction sites, as well as for automotive shops and light manufacturing applications. We offer a 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty for this series.

Professional Series

CR Professional Series Piston Compressors
The Professional series is the second tier of the CR compressors, ranging from 5-20HP. These heavy-duty units are either electric or gas-driven and come equipped with a range of options not available in the contractor series, including: electric drain, aftercooler, TEFC Motor, NEMA4 Control Panel, and a Pressure Lubricated Pump. We offer a 1-year warranty with option of a 5-year extended warranty on the pump.

Industrial Series

CR Industrial Series Piston Compressor
The Industrial series has all of the bells and whistles you could want, available from 5-20HP. Each unit comes equipped with an electronic drain, belt guard aftercooler, and low oil level switch as standard. These are electric units, and the 10 and 15HP units also come standard with head unloaders. The TN4 configurations also come with a TEFC motor and NEMA4 control panels. These are available with a 1-year warranty with the option of 5 year extended warranty on pump.

Industry applications

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