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Industrial chiller TCX

Meet the TCX process cooling chiller.

High-efficiency industrial water chillers for a wide variety of applications that require water cooling. Our air-cooled TCX chillers are engineered with the latest in-house technology. The perfect match for your industrial application.

Industrial chiller TCX

Key technical specifications

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TCX industrial chiller
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360 view of TCX chiller

"The TCX series is your plug-and-play industrial chillers solution, with simple service, reliability, and efficiency guaranteed."

Tom Helsen
Global Product Manager TCX Chillers

Connectivity & service

We have taken a product and put our own innovation stamp on it. You will see this when you look at the design, service features, and connectivity of the chiller. The advanced monitoring system Elektronikon® MkV Touch controller comes as standard (from the model TCX 11A) putting control at the user’s fingertips.

Our remote monitoring system SMARTLINK 24/7, is available as part of the total package. The TCX range can also be covered on a single-service contract. A contract with all other Atlas Copco mechanical equipment, including air compressors, dryers, nitrogen generation systems, and low-pressure blowers. 

Chiller range TCX


Technical benefits

Reliable industrial chiller
Our new TCX4-90A range is equipped with Elektronikon Mk5S and Smartlink controller on board. The pump housing, tank, and evaporator are made of stainless steel. Our chillers are designed for easy maintenance with safety components included as standard. All these components contribute to the high reliability of your equipment and your superior productivity.
Point-of-use chiller installation

The range of TCX4-90A is designed to be easily used next to the equipment. The TCX range is equipped with stainless steel plate-to-plate evaporator that fits all kinds of water circuits, or a mixture of water and glycol but it is especially effective with closed ones. Despite this, fan-regulated versions can be used down to -20°C ambient temperatures as stand-alone chillers or as a part of a chiller room.


15 models with cooling capacities from 4 to 90 kW
The range of TCX4-90A includes 15 models with approximate cooling capacity from 4 to 90 kW*, it covers all the needs in water cooling for small and medium-sized enterprises, giving the opportunity to operate considering the rapidly changing market situation. This baseline chiller has features typical for high-level models as a standard option.

*Reference condition 35/12/7: 35°C ambient temperature, evaporator water in/out +12°C/+7°C
Industrial chiller TCX


TCX Chiller brochure
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