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Turbomachinery Turbo Oil Plus lubrication services

As your turbomachinery’s lifeblood, ensure your machinery is running with the best turbo oils in order to deliver the very best.

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Top performance and reliability

Built to exacting OEM specifications, Turbo Oil Plus is the premier lubricant from Atlas Copco Gas and Process. It ensures that your machine will operate at peak levels and deliver maximum reliability for a lifetime

Efficient lubrication and protection

Built to withstand demanding process conditions, Turbo Oil Plus offers high anti-foaming resistance, as well as excellent water shedding and corrosion protection

Performance upgrade

Turbo Oil tolerates the traces of contaminants that can otherwise block oil filters. It also offers rapid air-release characteristics for an instant performance boost, together with oxidation stability several times better than the industry standard

Effective lubrication for turbomachinery

Each part of your Atlas Copco machine is specially-engineered, so why wouldn’t you choose a lubricant that has been specifically designed to match this equipment? Turbo Oil Plus is the best lubricant for Atlas Copco performance turbomachinery.
  • made to exacting OEM specifications
  • perfect lubrication, low maintenance costs
  • outstanding machine performance
  • excellent wear protection

Healthy gas and process operation with Turbo Oil Check

What’s more, our regular Turbo Oil Check keeps a finger on the pulse of machine performance for a big-picture perspective on the health of your process. Starting with extracting an oil sample for detailed analysis in our laboratory, the oil check delivers up-to-the-minute performance data that will become part of your machine’s unique service record. Our Turbo Oil Check helps detect potential performance issues – which could lead to costly downtime and machinery failure in the future – at an early stage. For even more security, the check can be combined with Operating Data Analysis (ODA). Performed by regional Atlas Copco experts on an annual basis, our ODA comes replete with transparent fixed-price rates and as part of preventive maintenance service plans that safeguard the long service of their turbomachinery.