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XAS 1800 CD8 T4F

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Tier 4 Final

The unit comes standard with 100% fluid containment and meets Tier 4 Final emissions for strict environmental sites.


The controller will match the air flow with the desired operating pressure to maximize output and keep the engine as fuel efficient as possible.

Versatile applications

For everything from oil patch applications to bridge remediation.

Need air?

The XAS 1800 compressor

The XAS 1800 compressor: 3 machines into 1

The XAS 1800 CD8 air compressor is three machines built into one. With variable flow and pressure settings as standard, the XAS 1800 CD8 truly is the most versatile machine in its class. The variable flow and pressure allows for operation in a wider range of applications. Increasing the versatility creates a machine that is ready for a wider range of applications, in turn increasing your return on investment.

Increase your return on investment through user friendly controller

The Xc3003 controller has a full color LCD screen that displays all the necessary information to get the job done quickly, efficiently and safely. The regulation system utilizes a single pneumatic regulator which the operator can easily dial in the desired pressure, and the controller will automatically adjust the output to deliver the flow while still maintaining industry leading fuel efficiency.

Efficient engine

The Cat 6 cylinder engine is mounted with two Atlas Copco C146 air elements in parallel. The single stage C146 element is one of the most efficient screw compressor designs on the market today. This translates to less energy loss in the system and equates to lower fuel consumption per CFM.

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