The 8 series utility range

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When it comes to mounting a compressor on a truck or within an OEM application, we have a new challenge for you -- What do you integrate?



All models below 1100 pounds


Simplicity, speed and long service intervals

Build better

More features as standard. Breaking new ground when it comes to efficiency.

What is the Utility range?

The dictionary defines the word utility as the state of being useful, profitable or beneficial – the 8 Series Utility range combines all three benefits inside a lightweight, compact package.

A versatile mobile air compressor

All 8 Series compressors are under 1100 pounds and service can always be completed in one hour. The Utility models come with the option to add our revolutionary PACE system. PACE enables you to control the pressure and flow – giving you even more versatility to handle the toughest applications. These models come with a corrosion free C3 rated canopy instead of a HardHat.

Easy to move, easy to integrate

The Utility model does not have any wheels, but all the integrated features mean we are proud to call this a mobile, easy to move compressor — what do you integrate?

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