Light weight

The aluminium profiles are perfect for high- to medium slump concrete

Easy connection

There are only three places where the sections have to be attached. That means you save time

For high slump

The profile is higher than on BT 90 and specialised on high and medium slump concrete

To put it briefly

The SV-flex screed has been designed to keep down weight. Thanks to aluminium tubes and profiles it offers a stable construction that's easy to assemble. You can put it together yourself without special tools. And when you're done, the SV-flex screed can create a slab at the speed of 3.3 foot per minute.
The Atlas Copco SVE- and SVG-flex screeds are compatible with Tremix flex-screeds.

There are two ways to power the SV-flex screeds. The gasoline version SVG and theelectric screed SVE can both handle the same widths and depths. They are equipped with manual winches on both sides as standard. An electic winch is optional.

Technical specifications

Flex screed - end piece

*set of drive + free end section

Screed sections