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The Atlas Copco E-Air H250 VSD is a single-stage, oil-injected, rotary screw type air compressor, powered by an Atlas Copco electric motor with Class H insulation powering up to 9000rpm.

The unit hosts the new generation C90 Screw element in its air end combined with an Atlas Copco integrated permanent magnet motor, cooling circuit, air/oil separation and control systems, an undercarriage with fixed towbar, brakes and pintle eye is available as standard.

Special attention has been given to the overall product quality, user friendliness, ease of serviceability, and economical operation to ensure best in class cost of ownership.

The Unique feature of this new range is the PACE functionality coupled with the intuitive XC2003 controller. This pioneering technology enables multiple pressure and flow settings, ensuring you match air flow and pressure to your application needs.

View and/or Download E-Air H250 VSD: Brochure / Datasheet


XC 4004 Smart Controller

XC2003 Controller Functionality:

Displayed while running

- Hours

- Outlet pressure


• Operational Buttons

- Start and stop of the unit

- View measurements, settings and alarms

- Multi position cursor to navigate menus


• Compressor measurements displayed

- Running hours

- Clock

- Regulating pressure

- Emergency stop count

- Air discharge pressure

- Minor and major service counters in hours and



• Warnings and Shutdowns

- Power phase detection

- Main Motor Overload

- Fan Motor Overload

- Vessel pressure

- Pressure Air Discharge

- Element Temperature


• Alarms

- View current & historical alarms present

- History of last 20 alarms and events with time

and date stamps


• Settings

- Reset service timers

- Language settings


• ECO-mode

• Remote start


Model   50A 32A 16A
Minimum effective receiver pressure psi(g) 72.5 72.5 72.5
Maximum effective receiver pressure (Unloaded) psi(g) 174 174 152
Free air delivery        
at pressure setting 174 psi cfm 178 87 NA
at pressure setting 150 psi cfm 194 97 42
at pressure setting 125 psi cfm 209 107 48
at pressure setting of 100 psi cfm 224 117 54
at pressure setting of 87 psi cfm 233 123 61
Max. sound pressure level (Lp @ ISO 2151) dB(A) 65 63 61
Compressed air temperature at outlet valve with aftercooler °C (°F) 54 (129) 54 (129) 54 (129)
Max. ambient temperature at sea level °C (°F) 50 (122) 50 (122) 50 (122)
Max. ambient temperature at sea level with aftercooler °C (°F) 45 (113) 45 (113) 45 (113)
Min. starting temperature with cold weather equipment °C (°F) -20 (-4) -20 (-4) -20 (-4)
Min. starting temperature without cold weather equipment °C (°F) -10 (-14) -10 (-14) -10 (-14)
Max. oil content of compressed air (w/o UD Filter) mg/m3 8 8 8
Number of compression stages   1 1 1
Capacity of compressor oil system US Gal (l) 4.4 (17) 4.4 (17) 4.4 (17)
Net capacity of air receiver US Gal (l) 9.25 (35) 9.25 (35) 9.25 (35)
Air volume at inlet grating (approx.) ft3/s 46.97 46.97 46.97

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco Atlas Copco
Installed motor power hp (kW) 50 (37) 50 (37) 50 (37)
Voltage V 380-460 (+/- 10%) 380-460 (+/- 10%) 380-460 (+/- 10%)
Current A 63 63 63
Fan(s) electrical power input hp (kW) 1.25 (0.92) 1.25 (0.92) 1.25 (0.92)
Frequency Hz 60 60  60
Number of phases   3 3 3
Service Factor   1.25 1.25 1.25


Applications & Use Cases

Irrigation Cleanout

Interaction between employees during a break.

An air compressor can effectively clean out your irrigation system of standing water at the end of each warm season. Before you shut the system off for the fall and winter, pressurized air can offer the power needed to push out all water along each run and spout of your sprinkling system..

Handheld Pneumatic Tools

Atlas Copco handheld pneumatic breaker TEX 150PE

Atlas Copco's small electric air compressors are indispensable on any job site where you have access to clean power. For everyday tools such as impact wrenches and pile drivers as well as nails guns and sanders, a powerful force is essential.

General Construction

US construction site new products 2017_portfolio

A compressor like this can be utilized both for larger remodel installations as well as smaller home framing projects. The smaller electric units are ideal compressor if you have access to clean power, working residential jobs, high-rise construction or places where noise is a concern. 

<h2>Applications & Use Cases</h2>

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