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Controlling and monitoring angle are important in error proofing and assuring correct fastening. Tensor STR tools employ a gyroscope that more accurately reads the angle that has been applied to a joint. The tool can detect if more or less angle was applied by the operator at the end of the rundown and will add or subtract this to what was detected by the angle encoder. This means that any operator influence on the tightening process can be taken into account and joints are passed or failed based on the true angle applied. Because of this, improved angle accuracy is possible and may eliminate torque arms and reaction devices.

STR Two Trigger Tool (ETT)

ETT - Two tools in one

Not only does the Tensor ETT STR free the operator to use the tool as both a pistol and right angle tool, it is also more accurate than most handheld transducerized tools. Because the transducer has been placed in front of the right angle gearing, it can achieve an accuracy of ±2.5% over 6σ. This makes the Tensor ETT STR more flexible and more accurate.

Introducing the Atlas Copco Tensor STR TrueAngle - Video


TurboTight® and Tensor STR Video


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