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Cut your data collection, reaction plan and training time by 80%

Getting caught up in data collection? How about training time - does it bog you down? Atlas Copco is proud to share it has a full lineup of data collection systems to help.

The Atlas Copco data collection system can help you cut your torque, gauging and visual data collection times by 80% or more over a manual entry or pen-and-paper data collection.

Meet the STpad and STa6000+

Both can help transform audits that take hours into inspection routes that take minutes. With these systems, you can spend less time collecting data and more time on process and quality improvements.

The STa6000+ is perfect for torque only validation and calibration. The STpad provides that highest levels of quality assurance, including torque calibrations, gauging, visual inspections, trending, and reports.

The device also allows for extensive programming directly on the screen of the analyzer and finally, reports all data collected to our QA Supervisor data collection and analysis software.

We’ve taken the onboard programming functionality of our STa6000+, which has a more limited capability (can only be used for torque validations and tool calibrations), combined it with the feature-based inspection capability of our previous generation product, and added a visual interface for an STpad product that is highly functional and easy enough to use that it cuts training times in half.

With the increasing demands of production schedules, easy start-up and implementation are vital to improving efficiency.

With Atlas Copco data collection systems, you can be up and running in one day, and in the case of the STpad, the basics can be learned in 30 minutes or less. The time invested in a two or four-hour workshop can pay for itself in a matter of weeks or even days.

To learn more, contact Atlas Copco today.