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Global Projects – All About Proposal Managers

The Atlas Copco Global Projects network is made up of application engineering experts that develop and assemble custom tightening solutions at the request of customers around the globe. With five application centers strategically located throughout the world – in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and India – our Global Projects network collaborates together as they make the customer’s tightening solution vision a reality.

Within all five application centers are groups of Proposal Managers, who support the Sales team and stay on the front end to quote tightening solution proposals. Our Proposal Managers are invaluable to the structure of the Global Projects network. Their role is critical to all aspects of the customer’s request, from the very beginning to when a new award is transitioned to the Project team for execution. We use our core, proven Atlas Copco products (software solutions, fixtured solutions, etc.) as a starting point and innovate from there.

The role that Proposal Managers play

When one of our many customer centers receive an inquiry for a custom tightening solution, it’s sent straight to the nearest application center. This is where our Proposal Managers come in, using their expertise to identify the perfect solution that satisfies each and every demand of the customer. An example: a customer in North America is looking for a more ergonomic option for hand tool applications that spares operators the risks associated with uncontrolled torque reaction. In collaboration with the Sales team, the Proposal Managers are responsible for coming up with the appropriate solution and later quoting it, using the resources available through the Global Projects network.

In the example mentioned above, our Proposal Managers would likely expand upon our Reaction Suspension System – HTS solution and customize it to meet the demands and unique specifications requested by our customer. It’s important to note that no matter where the proposal comes from, be it in Asia, Europe or North America, the project life cycle and process does not vary. Our global presence and our ability to collaborate closely with application centers spread throughout the globe is what gives Atlas Copco the edge.

illustration of global networking among employees

The values of our Proposal Managers

Innovation expertise

Due to on-going training and years of experience, our Proposal Managers have a deep knowledge base, allowing them to apply innovative solutions to address our customers’ needs and requirements. They are a source of on-site support for the customer, often traveling to the customer’s facility in order to get the full scope of the project. Proposal Managers are the heart of the proposal stage, developing detailed solutions and quoting them.

Once the project has been officially awarded and is ready to be started, our Proposal Managers lead the Project Kick-Off (PKO), lining up the Project team and handing things off to them for execution and eventual delivery. They also participate in the Customer Kick-Off (CKO) with the Sales and Project teams, ensuring the customer’s purchased solution is accurately transitioned to the Project team.

Meeting up colleagues.

A resource to everyone involved

Because of their expertise, Proposal Managers act as a reliable resource to everyone: the Sales team, the customers we innovate for, and the facilities where the tightening solution will eventually be delivered to. In addition, they’re a resource to the global Proposal Managers and application centers across the world. Because every project is different and brings its own set of challenges, the role and involvement of Proposal Managers is dependent on the project itself.

Though they’re not often considered a part of the project’s core team, they continue to be a valuable resource to the teams and get involved when needed. Mostly they’re focused on the front end of things, partnered with our Sales team, ready to help the next customer looking for a custom tightening solution for their facility.

To find out more about how the Atlas Copco Global Projects network can innovate a custom tightening solution for your facility, contact us today.