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Global Projects – Global Presence

Atlas Copco Global Projects refers to our network of application engineering experts that are able to innovate custom tightening solutions at the request of customers around the world.

Made up of five application centers dispersed around the globe – in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and India – agile teams, application engineers, and proposal managers collaborate closely together to bring the requested tightening solution to life.

Because of our global presence, Atlas Copco is able to use this worldwide network to our advantage. No matter where the request is received, whether it’s through our application center in Shanghai, China, or the one in Auburn Hills, Michigan, every project process is followed in the same order and production capabilities do not differ. We’re on the journey to bridge the continents and close the gap on global boundaries. No matter where you are, you’ll receive the same world-class service. 

Our mission and vision as a global partner

Using our highly developed, tried-and-true core industrial tools, we design and assemble custom tightening systems that do more than satisfy the expectations of the customer; they exceed them completely. As a global partner, Atlas Copco Global Projects efficiently manages projects, providing proven, innovative solutions to meet the needs of local customers. This is our mission. Our vision, on the other hand, is the chance to be your first-choice integrator of Atlas Copco assembly solutions, while we provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve throughout the project life cycle.

Global internship opportunities

Our global reach

Our global reach allows the Atlas Copco Global Projects mission and vision to be carried out. With five application centers and multiple project managers that handle local and global projects, we’ve cemented a process that allows for a speedy project timeline and daily, consistent communication with the customer. Because of the strategic locations of our application centers, we can and are eager to support the activities and requests of our customers on a global scale. To our customers, Atlas Copco Global Projects feels like a local company. In reality, we’re a global enterprise with worldwide resources available.

All of that being said, we’re always evolving and improving our system. Trainings and special teams that focus on global development allow us to strengthen our global organizational structure. It is of the utmost importance to us that no matter where you, the customer, are located in the world, our global network can collaborate and work closely together to follow a proven process and innovate a tightening solution of the highest quality.

The value of Atlas Copco Global Projects

Because of the ideal locations of our five application centers, we’re able to work with customers in every corner of the world. Because of our competency in project management, we’re able to provide the same proven solutions no matter the location of the customer. We understand international standards and customer standards, and we follow them on a global scale. We’re eager to work with you to develop and assemble a custom tightening solution that will increase the productivity and efficiency of your facility. Are you?

For more information on our Global Projects network, contact us today.

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