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Global Projects - Product Offerings

Atlas Copco Global Projects refers to our worldwide network of application engineering experts that develop and assemble custom tightening solutions to fulfill the requests of customers around the world.

Our ability to manage projects and provide innovative solutions to meet local customer needs is what makes us the world-leading provider of tools and solutions and the largest tool partner in the world. Our five application centers, dispersed throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and India, collaborate through the project life cycle to bring our customer peace of mind while we work to bring their tightening solution to life.

Atlas Copco uses our tried-and-true standard core products to develop custom tightening solutions that satisfy the highest requirements of our customers globally. Customers receive the benefits of our local presence with the added advantage of our global knowledge network as Atlas Copco coordinates with application centers around the world to make our customer’s vision a reality. Product offerings within Global Projects is made up of our core products in six specific focus areas that serve a wide variety of industrial segments.

Global Projects product portfolio

Fixtured Solutions

Atlas Copco’s fixtured solutions are available in vertical and horizontal orientations depending on the customer’s application demand. Designed to maximize reliability and accuracy with customizable fixtured spindles, the fixture mounting provides strong workplace ergonomics for operators. Our Horizontal Rotate Fixtures integrate Atlas Copco nutrunners into a single rotating solution with a custom-designed base plate.

Our Mobile horizontal rotate solution provides maximum flexibility on the floor or in the workshop. Units can be custom designed depending on customer application requirements. This mobile fixture solution is optimal in manufacturing floors with multiple standard fastening processes for one or more applications. Global Projects Fixtured Solutions also include handle kits and tool holders.

Suspension Solutions

Products offered in this category include torque reaction suspension systems like the HTS. Designed specifically for hand-tool applications, our HTS Reaction Suspension System reacts to the torque generated by the tool and eliminates any impact on the operator. Lift assist is made possible with the system’s WP Balancer, which allows for low handling forces and smooth movements. Atlas Copco’s Fixtured Tool Suspension – FTS is similar to HTS in that it is a suspended solution designed to be customizable to our customer’s application demand. FTS is flexible and adaptable to a wide variety of applications. Within the suspension solution category, we also offer suspended rail solutions with complete turn-key systems.

Hand Tool Suspension

Articulated Arms

Our large range of articulated arms come in multiple tool holder options and are built to satisfy custom application demands at the customer’s request. All are designed to protect operators from torque reaction. Atlas Copco’s AX1 Articulated Arm was created to meet requirements for applications with a limited amount of workspace and a high production rate. Their lightweight, compact design and low operation forces increases productivity by allowing operators to work for a longer amount of time without fatigue or muscle strain. Other articulated arms options offered by Atlas Copco Global Projects include the AX2-5.

No bkgd Engineer using laptop computer for maintenance automatic robotic hand machine tool at industrial manufacture factory

Software Solutions

For software and data collection solutions, Global Projects offers a vast range of options. Our ToolsTalk software collects data while maintaining control over the assembly process. Fully customizable to meet the needs of a customer’s specific manufacturing facility or assembly line, ToolsTalk includes features such as process and quality improvement. Our software solutions can be customer-specific or standardized depending on the application requirements of the customer. Finally, our ILG is integrated to error-proof for high-level process security. Innovated to satisfy the demands of multiple and varied applications, ILG ensures consistent production quality, assembly traceability, and accurate tightening data relative to its tightening position.

For more information on how Global Projects can innovate a tightening solution for your facility, contact us today.

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