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New tools from Atlas Copco bring industry 4.0 to the wind industry

Atlas Copco has developed a range of smart, efficient tools that are revolutionizing the wind industry.

The future of wind

Based on our Power Focus tool controller and our Tensor Revo electric assembly tool, we have a tooling package that can improve torque quality throughout the entire wind industry supply chain.

Torque quality is of paramount importance in the wind industry. A loose or broken bolt can cause a catastrophic error, one that could cost millions of dollars, or even worse, result in serious injury. Torque quality has always been difficult to achieve because of the hard-to-access nature of the bolts being assembled.

From the factory to the field

In factories, huge bolt patterns and unique applications are a challenge. In field operations, the difficulty is even greater, with confined spaces making access a major challenge.

The Tensor Revo from Atlas Copco provides a solution in both environments. In wind energy manufacturing facilities, the standard Tensor Revo tool provides a handheld tool that is fast and responsive to all of the different operations needed to build complete systems.

In field operations, the Tensor Revo HA prioritizes access: the HA does stand for “high access” after all! Best of all, both the Revo and Revo HA models offer advanced error-proofing to ensure every bolt is torqued correctly and data collection for a record of all of the bolts torqued, either when a product is originally built, when it is installed, or when it is maintained in the field.

Tensor Revo tools can be demonstrated on-site.

Contact Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems if you’re interested in seeing one live.