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Scalable error-proofing software for improved flexibility in moving or stop station assembly processes

The third generation of Atlas Copco’s assembly error-proofing software Scalable Quality Solution (SQS3) is redesigned to seamlessly scale error-proofing from a single station to the complete shop floor, working in conjunction with customer’s manufacturing execution system (MES).

SQS3 answers Who did What, When, and How at the bolt level using its operator guidance, tool interlock, part barcode verification, user identification, and data collection features.

In a single assembly station, SQS3 software can act as a smart hub to error-proof not only torque tools but the entire station’s assembly process by connecting to various Digital I/O and Open Protocol devices to ensure assembly steps are followed consistently to improve first-time quality.

Centralized configuration

When scaling error-proofing from single to multiple stations, SQS3 provides centralized configuration and aggregated results data collection from all stations in a single location. The centralized configuration feature provides an easy user interface to redistribute product assembly steps between stations to significantly reduce rebalancing effort. Data generated from each station is collected in a central data repository, instead of individual stations, to provide a complete picture of the assembly process. The web graphical user interface (GUI) provides easy access to results data from any networked PC, tablet or phone.

Finally, at the end of the line, SQS3 provides rework and repair functionality, directly based on the error data from preceding assembly stations. Operators see step by step teardown and rework instructions, while SQS3 automatically enables the correct tool with the correct tightening program, guaranteeing consistent rework every time.

Aside from product assembly, SQS error proofing is widely used in applications such as:

  • Product repair and rework to reduce line stops, achieve consistent rework, and full traceability.
  • Electronics assembly to reduce scrap rate, save training costs with detailed operator guidance, and improve quality by connecting MicroTorque tools with SQS3.
  • U-Bolt assembly to reduce rework due to operator errors, increase productivity by using multi-spindles and reduce scrap rate.
  • Prototype assembly for rapid prototyping using easy operator guidance configuration and bolt level data collection for complete traceability.

Questions? Contact Atlas Copco today for more information on our SQS software.