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WASP - Wind Turbine Automation Service Innovation

Look into a concept for a wind turbine service tool which would change the way wind turbines are serviced

Extreme bolting tool 2

An autonomous bolt and nut maintenance solution

With a  need for renewable energy, offshore wind farms are being rapidly developed all acros the globe. Currently all the bolt maintenance work is carried out by technician teams travelling either by helicopter or boat with tools to complete the maintenance work.The potential extreme weather conditions combined with high risk procedures often create issues. This can make the job increasingly difficult at times for the maintenance teams to reach the windfarms, which can leave wind turbines unmaintained in some critical situations.

WASP (Wind Turbine Automation Service Protocol) is a concept for an autonomous bolting maintenance solution. This would be installed together with the wind turbine when it's initally erected and woulf to operate throughout the wind turbines life cycle, meaning the need for manintenance would be decereased. All bolting maintenance is monitored and documented through live-feedback to onshore operators, creating real life reports and analytics to be studied. Without the need for on-site personell WASP is saving both time and money and eliminates the risks.

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