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Expert Live Q&A: IxB Launch

Welcome to the ‘Tensor IxB Introduction’ webinar! Presenting this webinar is Rodney Hill, Atlas Copco’s Product Manager for the all-new Tensor IxB integrated controller tools. In this webinar, Rodney is introducing the Tensor IxB tool family, giving viewers an in-depth look at all the new features and benefits of these integrated controller tools. The IxB tool family consists of two brand-new battery tool options: The Tensor ITB and the Tensor ICB. The Tensor IxB tool family feature a built-in controller with functionalities integrated directly into the tool.

We begin the webinar with a brief explanation of the transformations currently taking place within the automotive industry. These trends are moving towards smarter and more agile solutions as production variants become more complex. Because of these changes, plant layouts must frequently be changed and rebalanced, which is an incredibly time-consuming process. This is where Atlas Copco’s all-new Tensor IxB tool family enters the picture.

The IxB family of tools provides a wide selection of more than 100 different tool models, designed to fit the exact requirements of your application. Customers can also choose between a variety of batteries and accessories to create options for additional process control and operator feedback capabilities. The Tensor IxB tool family also utilizes the very same Virtual Station feature as the other products with Atlas Copco’s Power Focus Ecosystem, making for an familiar user interface and platform.

Rodney then moves on to describe how the all-new integrated controller tools help your plant to accomplish six common production goals in manufacturing, which include easy line adjustments, continuous production, productivity, ease of use, accessibility and ergonomics, and quality of the joint. Accomplishing these common goals is all possible thanks to the powerful built-in controller on these tools that allow for complete process control and easy production integration.

Following this, Rodney shows off an installation time comparison, which compares the new Tensor IxB tool family to our previous generation STB battery tools. This time comparison measures the installation time of the tools, their speed, connectivity strength, and more. The Tensor IxB tools install 2.5x faster than STB tools. They also allow for 2x better connectivity strength and are up to 30% faster than STB tools. At the end of the webinar, Rodney opens the floor for viewer questions.

To find out what was asked and how Rodney answered, be sure to watch this webinar in full! 


Rodney Hill

Product Launch Manager

Meet Rodney Hill! Rodney began his career with Atlas Copco in 2007. Currently, he is our Product Launch Manager. Rodney’s product focus areas include the Power Focus 6000 Ecosystem and our Integrated Controller Tools, launching early next year.

Rodney has always enjoyed tinkering with and learning about the latest IoT (Internet of Things) devices and technologies. He is proud to work in a role that allows him to do this in his professional life too. Outside of work, Rodney loves attending live music shows, traveling the world, and deep-sea fishing while exploring the barrier islands of North Carolina.