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Expert Q&A and webinar: How a good tightening strategy can help decrease defects in semiconductor manufacturing

Welcome to our webinar on assembly in the semiconductor industry.

Presenting is Will Polumbo, Marketing Director at Atlas Copco. In this webinar, we will look at key aspects of semiconductor manufacturing, including the initial assembly of the machines that are used to produce semiconductors and maintenance of the equipment once it is put into service. Both stages of the process are critical to ensuring the best possible quality and minimal production downtime, and ensuring proper assembly of the bolted joints in the equipment is critical to success.

In the first half of the webinar, we examine the original equipment production, and how techniques such as operator guidance and tool positioning can improve the production process to ensure equipment delivered to semiconductor manufacturers is optimized for quality and uptime. Many of these processes are tried and true processes from other industries that can be modified for the specific needs of semiconductor equipment assembly.

In the second half, we dive deeper into the maintenance of equipment that is installed in production. Because of the precise nature of this equipment, precision is also required when maintaining it, and we will investigate how to use strategies such as bolt sequencing and data analysis to make sure that equipment shows no decrease in performance after maintenance that could be caused by incorrectly reassembling devices.


Will Polumbo

Director of Marketing

Meet Will Polumbo. Will began working for Atlas Copco in 2007, and he is currently our Director of Marketing. Will’s background with Atlas Copco is diverse; he was a Product Specialist with a focus on material removal and drilling before moving into the electric assembly tools category. He also worked for Atlas Copco in Canada for nearly five years.

With such a wide range of industry experience, Will has successfully garnered his expertise to get him to where he is today, and his background in Sales and Marketing has certainly helped him in his current role. Outside of Atlas Copco, Will is a massive baseball fan, and he thoroughly enjoys getting to watch baseball with his two kids, who are finally old enough to cheer along with him.

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