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Tightening Technique

Tightening technique

The tightening process has a major influence on the quality of the screw joint.

Today, there are many different bolt tightening techniques and strategies that are used to achieve accurate tightenings in manufacturing plants of all types. These strategies include the more basic tightening strategies that are offered on torque controllers, such as Angle/Torque Control and Monitoring, Yield, and many more. 


Tightening strategies used on both traditional torque tools and Smart torque tools are advanced methods of ensuring your production is error-free, accurate, and of the highest quality. 

Boost quality with advanced tightening strategies and smart tools

Your bolt tightening methods have major influence on the quality of your screw joints. Ensure success with Atlas Copco's advanced systems and smart torque tools that provide a handful of different advanced tightening strategies, including TrueAngle, TurboTight, TensorPulse, and more!


Do you want to learn more about how your tightening techniques can impact your bolt and product quality? Contact us today!

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