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SCA Sunroof Fianl Assembly

Sunroof applications in final assembly

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Challenges in sunroof applications:

Sunroof applications for final assembly typically utilize shaped bead applications. When assembling sunroofs, a well-sealed joint is crucial. Adhesive is used to seal and prevent water leakage and corrosion. At Atlas Copco we provide the technology to achieve reliable and strong joints that can be repeated with consistent quality. We are also able to make fast switches between 1C and 2C applications, to prevent your material from unwanted curing, extend your uptime, and lower your process costs.

Sunroof assembly

Shaped bead application

SCA Triangular bead FA

Shaped bead for glazing and sunroof applications

The glass panel of the sunroof is mounted to a module frame using a shaped bead, usually an accelerated polyurethane. The height and shape of the bead ensures an even adhesion between module and panel. This joint must be 100% sealed to avoid any water leakage. When working with accelerated material a dynamically adjustable mixing ratio is critical. Our SCA product line is the perfect solution to achieve this and even manages to lower your process costs at the same time.

Mounting of the sunroof into the car body

Bead application

SCA bead application for final assembly

Regular bead in final assembly

In this step the finished sunroof module is mounted to the car body. To ensure that this joint is as well-sealed as the sunroof module itself, the applied material is typically the same. To achieve a reliable structural bond, most car manufacturers use a regular bead. Our SCA product line’s piston meter technology combines high speed and repeatability with reliability to ensure you continuous quality.

More final assembly applications: