Increased productivity and quality

Atlas Copco provides increased productivity and quality solutions to support the U.S. Navy's fleet of ships and sea vessels. Common applications include cutting, bending and assembling. Shaping metals to perfection includes an extensive range of different techniques. We are ready to serve this steady growing market segment with an increasing demand for quality.

A wide range of tools and solutions, at your service

Providing sustainable equipment for rough conditions at Naval shipyards is our specialty. We are leading the way within tool technology - our tools offer outstanding power-to-weight ratios designed for maximum performance without sacrificing operator comfort and safety.

Atlas Copco material removal and percussive tools make a significant contribution to productivity at shipyards, in particular for heavy tasks such as rough grinding and cutting materials. Our bolting and assembly tools are used on a daily basis for heavy assembly, equipment maintenance, repair and overhaul of ships and sea vessels.

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Ships and sea vessel types assembled and serviced
Ships and sea vessel types assembled and serviced

Naval ships and sea vessel types include, but are not limited to: