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AXF Articulated Arms

Workspace efficiency with large working area and small footprint

Available in North America only

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The Atlas Copco AXF Articulated Arm is an over-under boom-to-parallel configuration that provides workspace efficiency with its large working area and small footprint. Ease of configuration benefits include modular design, fast setup and installation, as well as lower integration cost. Low handling forces, smooth movement and ease of operator handling are among the ergonomic and safety-related benefits of AXF Articulated Arms.

Ease of configuration

• Modular design
• Fast setup and installation
• Lower integration cost

Ergonomics and safety

• Low handling forces
• Smooth movement
• Ease of operator handling
• Prevent injury to operator

Increased productivity

• Large working area
• Small footprint
• Production flexibility



AX Articulated Arms can be mounted in various configurations to suit numerous application requirements. If more space is needed between the assembly line and the location of the pillar, the cantilevered pillar is available, giving you up to one meter of extended reach. Two pillar types are available to suit mounting position requirements, with multiple height options available for each to meet application-specific height requirements.

Standard Pillar
• Shoulder pivot located directly above pillar base

Cantilevered Pillar
• Shoulder pivot offset from pillar base
• Allows mounting of arm further from part when flexibility is critical

• Base plate anchors – see User Guide for more information

Balance Control
The balance control is a lift-assist offering zero-gravity positioning of the tool. The balance control system includes air preparation and safety components standard with the system. A balance control option is selected based on load capacity and arm model requirements with respect to the air supply pressure. The balancing force can be adjusted based on the system weight.

• Pneumatic cylinder and mounting
• Precision pneumatic control circuit
• Air preparation with mounting

Parking Brake
Parking Brakes are used to keep the arm from drifting while it is not in use by the operator. They ensure the unattended arm will not cause damage to parts or injure operators when the parking brake is engaged.

• Parking Brakes are not designed to react torque generated by the tool.

• Pneumatic parking brakes
• Pneumatic control circuit
• On/off switch and mounting

End-of-Arm Connections
Both fixed and rotating options are available for flexible application set-ups. The designs feature roller bearings on the rotating models, which allow the operator a smooth and ergonomic handling experience.

• End-of-Arm Connection (selected per application)
• Pneumatic control circuit (for Parking / Reaction brakes only)
• Safety switch and cables (for Reaction Brake only)

• Arm Parking Brake accessory (for Reaction Brake only)

Tool Holders

Shown: AXF Articulated Arm End-of-Arm Connections


Vertical Travel Limiter
A Travel Limiter is used when the extensive standard vertical travel of an articulated arm can pose a risk to operator or equipment safety. This is most commonly an issue when there is limited clearance height above the arm. The up/down limiter can be adjusted to limit travel independently in either direction (up/down). The down stroke limiter allows only down direction travel limiting.

Position Recognition System - PRS
Atlas Copco's PRS is an integrated, standalone error-proofing system that is highly flexible. Combined with an Atlas Copco articulated arm, the system tracks the exact position of the tool ensuring the correct fasteners are tightened to the correct torque and always in the correct sequence.

PRS offers high-level process security for applications that range from simple to complex. The system incorporates the functionality of a Power Focus 4000 / 600 / 6000 or Power MACS 4000 tightening system with position control.

• Maintains a high quality standard regardless of the operator
• Reduces the need for additional quality checks later
• Ensures all process documentation is available per application and fastener

Position Switch Assemblies
The available position switch assemblies utilize mechanical switches mounted at different points on the arm to indicate when the arm is in a specific position. These switches are often used in conveyor lines to ensure that all tools are clear of the conveyor before advancing the parts. Standard position limit switch assemblies are available for each pivot.

Position Switch Assembly – Shoulder
• Indicates when shoulder joint is rotated to a specific position

Position Switch Assembly – Parking Hook
• Indicates when parallel arm is parked in the parking hook

Position Switch Assembly – Parallel Up/Down
• Indicates when the arm is at a specified range in its vertical travel

• Switch with 1 meter open-end cable and mounting