Scalable Quality Solution 3, Driving Process Control

The SQS3 solution eliminates errors in product manufacturing or assembly, and can be scaled to fit complex multiple station applications, less complex single station single product builds and everything in between!

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Why SQS3?

Reduced Defects
Step by step visual operator guidance as well as part and tool verification. Ensuring the operator completes the process in the correct order, using the correct parts and tools that are set correctly for that specific procedure. Avoid the the need for rework or production stops to rectify mistakes. Prevent them from happening at all!

Improved Productivity
Lower production costs by eliminating the "downtime" caused by fixing mistakes after they have occurred and by reducing the need to have many specialist rework engineers. If rework is needed this can be configured into the solution in the same station or on another designated station. Up to 10 stations can be aligned without the need for a server!

New Product Introduction
It is easy to reconfigure a station to be ready for a change to an existing product or even new product introduction. Properly configured, the operator guidance can significantly reduce training time for both new processes and on-boarding of new operators. On screen step by step guides, with text and pictures, make it easy for even the most inexperienced to quickly get up to production speeds!

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