Scalable Quality Solution (SQS)

SQS is an error-proofing software solution for product assembly processes that drives quality, process reliability, and transparency.

Visual operator guidance

Direct error-proofing, zero defects on the line

During the assembly process, operators are assisted by step-by-step, visual instructions as they move through the build sequence. SQS guides operators, eliminating risky deviations and errors during assembly. This guarantees that things are done right the first time through, in the correct order. To take a deep dive into this topic, check out this article

Tool interlock capabilities

High-level quality control for your processes

When used in conjunction with a controller such as the Power Focus 6000, SQS integrates with Smart tools, ensuring that the proper tool is enabled, and the correct tightening program is selected before allowing tools to run. The self-sufficiency of the software increases first yield pass rates, efficiency, and productivity in general. To discover more on Tool interlock capabilities, read this article

Part verification

Full traceability for parts and products

When an operator scans a part barcode, model type, or serial number, the system will compare part numbers and verify compliance. Once a product identifier is scanned, SQS documents the unique identifier in the overall result data. Result data is collected locally on SQS and is easily accessed for later use. Want to learn more about Part verification? Check out this article today. 

SQS at Home: SQS breakdown

Through step-by-step, visual operator guidance, SQS3 drives assembly workflow at the workstation, ensuring high-quality products and full traceability. The software’s tool interlock capability verifies that conditions relative to your particular product assembly processes are met before allowing interconnected tools to run. And finally, the part verification feature of SQS 3 overcomes the issue of human error by identifying and storing specific product numbers that are later used to ensure that the correct parts are being used during assembly.

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